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ph sensitive beadsOur pH sensitive beads are small particles that contain an active ingredient or core material surrounded by a shell or coating. Particle diameters generally range from a few microns to a few millimeters. Microencapsulated products may have different types of structures. These may be simple droplets of liquid core material surrounded by a spherical shell, or particles containing small droplets of core material dispersed in a continuous polymer shell matrix. Typical applications for pH sensitive beads include aesthetic benefits and sensorial benefits, such as texture, as well as functional benefits such as delivery, protection, isolation, color change, fragrance or flavor release. The trigger mechanisms to release the encapsulated material herein would be change in pH. Change in pH causes the shell wall of the encapsulates loaded onto the clothing to rupture, thus, releasing the fragrance. At Umang Pharmatech we manufacture pH sensitive beads for a wide range of actives to be used in different formulations.

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