Glitter beads  Bio-degradable exfoliators

Bio-degradable exfoliatorsMicrobeads are polyethylene microspheres that are currently widely used in personal care products as exfoliating agents. Microbeads impart a gritty quality to cleansers and washes, enabling you to get some traction on the stratum corneum, thereby sloughing off dirt and grease. However, the microbeads from exfoliating personal care products are washed down the drain and pass unfiltered through the sewage treatment plants and make their way into rivers and canals, resulting in plastic particle water pollution. This is where our bio-degradable exfoliators come in. Made with purely natural ingredients, they serve the same purpose as microbeads without the harmful effect of water pollution. At Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture a wide variety of biodegradable exfoliators to complement your personal care products. We produce a range of biodegradable exfoliators that help exfoliate the skin made of natural ingredients like rice, apricot seeds, walnut, oats, etc. We can also prepare the biodegradable exfoliators in a variety of colors to meet the customers’ preferences.

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