glitter beads  Mint ball / oil filled Menthol ball

Millicapsules in AgarRefresh your breath without resorting to unnatural breath fresheners at the drug store. Umang Pharmatech’s Mint ball/ oil filled Menthol ball is the answer to refreshing your breath in a completely natural-sourced way. Our Mint ball/ oil filled Menthol ball are perfect seamless capsules that entrap the goodness of menthol/ mint oil into a bad made of naturally sourced polymers. They look good, taste good and have the added advantage of being small in size. Thus, you can carry them anywhere in your pockets without the bulkiness of other breath fresheners. At umang pharmatech, we are capable of manufacturing Mint ball/ oil filled Menthol ball over a variety of sizes and colours suiting to our customers’ requirements and specifications.

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