cosmetic beads

Glitter Spheres

Glitter Spheres are also called as Cosmetic Beads or Micro Beads. Glitter Spheres deliver un-paralled consistency and controlled Micro encapsulation of actives like Vitamins encapsulation, Cooling agents, Oils encapsulation, Extracts encapsulation, Actives encapsulation, Fragrance encapsulation, etc. and provide a smooth feeling on the skin leaving no residue. All products are upto 2 years of shelf-life in original form. Umang Pharma is one of the largest manufacturer of these beads in the world with more than 500,000 Kgs. of beads annually.

The major applications are in Bath soap, Mouthwash, Bath oil, Face scrub, Cleansing cream, Toothpaste, Gel, Body wash, Body scrub, Exfoliating lotion, Water gel, Exfoliating products, Lip exfoliators, Flouride Mouthwash, etc.

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